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    Default Dynamic text overlay / watermark

    Hi there,

    I'm using Wowza Media systems to stream unfinished feature films to different people. When I make the videos I burn a watermark into the video files. But is there a way to have a dynamically generated text or watermark embedded in the video.

    For example if I want to have 50 different people watching a movie, I would like to avoid having to make 50 different files with different watermarks on each, but instead have a clean videofile, where I, for each user account, embed their email address in the image, so the file is always traceable back to the leak?

    I'm using ASP to get the email.

    If there is no such feature, could it maybe be possible using the closed caption feature since I don't use the captions-feature for anything else?

    Hoping for some help!

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    There is no watermarking feature in Wowza for video on demand streaming. There is for live streaming using the Wowza Transcoder.

    You can use Closed Caption if that works for you:


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    There are players that'll let you overlay text/image/etc on top of the video.

    The trick of course is if you do it that way, you've gotta also make sure they can't otherwise snag the stream from the server via their own player. (there's a few docs on that here under security).


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