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Thread: Streaming with metadata for IOS devices

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    Default Streaming with metadata for IOS devices


    Im trying to make some radio player application for IOS devices. Our radio streams are published with shoutcast protocol, but we also using wowza for RTMP streaming to flash player.
    Our current radio app for IOS using shoutcast streaming, but we want to change it to cupertino/HLS with use of wowza server.

    Our test radio app is playing correctly from shoutcast stream as well as from wowza, the only difference we have is that we have no metadata (mainly song title) when we use wowza stream (meta data is correctly recognized when we use standard shoutcast stream).

    I was trying to find some information about metadata serving from shoutcast streams to cupertino/HLS but i found nothing.

    Are there any configuration options or anything else that i can do to enable meta data serving ?

    Thanks for response.

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    You would need to use several tutorials and some custom code to pull the meta data from a Shoutcast stream and then push it to an iOS device.

    A couple of tutorials to look at

    How to add ID3 tags into a iOS stream when onTextData events are found

    How to debug the events on an iOS device

    One which can be used to pull meta data from a stream

    It does require all hooking together and a little playing around with specific meta data you might want. Shoutcast actually has about 7 or 8 meta data attributes, of which I suspect you just want URL, StreamName.


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    Thanks for your response.

    One additional question: I looked at that code samples and they require wowza 3. We have currently wowza 2 i belive so prolly those wont work, but are there any workarounds to do that in wowza 2 ? I can try to make that code viable for 2 but don't know if it's even worth trying. We will probably switch to wowza 3 at some point, but it will need some big changes in our infrastructure so i don't think we can do that just for metadata serving.

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    Right, you would need Wowza 3 to make this work. There is not a work-around. Upgrading can be involved, depending on your configuration, but take a look at the upgrade guide.


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