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Thread: changing aspect ratio, GOP size and frame rate

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    Default changing GOP size , VBR


    I need to change the GOP size and capped VBR of an incoming stream.
    Is it possible with WOWZA? If so please let me know the configuration I need to do.

    M frames
    N frames
    GOP mode
    closed GOp

    Min rate
    Max rate

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    Hi Manoj, you will need the Wowza Transcoder for this.

    You can set the bitrate and GOP, and create multiple renditions with different bitrates.


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    Hi Salvadore,

    I have the transcoder Addon too.
    But I cant find documentation on how to set GOP and variable bit rates.
    Could you please post me a link or a document?


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    These settings are located in the /transcoder/templates/transrate.xml and transcode.xml files.

    You can set frame size:
    	<!-- letterbox, fit-width, fit-height, crop, stretch, match-source -->
    Key Frame interval:
    And StreamNameGroup for Variable bitrate:
       <!-- Note: Play stream using stream name ngrp:[stream-name] -->
    For more information you can refer to the Transcoder User Guide


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