Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie to Wowza.
I have just setup Wowza on my test server and tried to test those examples available with Wowza.
Everything worked fine except video on demand for iOS&Mac.
I have followed the instruction here http://www.wowza.com/forums/content....on-demand-file
In the instruction: To play on an iOS device

On an iOS device, enter the following URL in Safari:


But safari couldn't play the sample.mp4 video even on Mac or iPhone.
I thought the sample.mp4 ins't in right video codec H.264 and audio codec AAC or mp3. So I have used the Flash Media Live Encoder to push a steam
on my server and record it as mp4 format.
In the Flash Encoder I chose stream's format:H.264 and audio:mp3 (Wowza requires it to encode to mp4), then stream to server. Everything worked fine, the stream recorded as stream1.mp4, I can use QuickTime to view it. But again couldn't play it on Safari of iPhone.

I have also reviewed the error log but no error recorded.
Please help me!

Sorry for my bad English