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Thread: Hardware requirement for 22 channels

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    Default Hardware requirement for 22 channels

    Current we have 5 tv channels and 18 radio channels

    and we need to transcode Tv channels into mutiple profiles

    The TV will be transcoded to

    - 720p @ 1000kbps ( 720 x 573 ) source
    - 360p
    - 240p
    - 160p

    there will be 5 TV channels need to be transcoded

    Currenty we plan to use 1 server
    - 2 x intel xeon e5-2650 X 8 core
    - 16GB DDR3 ram
    - Nvidia tesla c2705

    Can the server handle that kind of stress ?

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    You may be able to draw some parallels from the following performance tests:

    Wowza Transcoder AddOn Performance Benchmark

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    We have the problem like you, Can you test your scenario on mentioned hardware? please share your experience.

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    similar issue coming up for us - 24 TV channels fed to us as MPEG-TS (can we even ingest that directly?) - then use the trancoder to various bitrates. How many can Wowza actually handle on a system with the max 24 cores it can access and max Java heap space? We are running two such channels right now doing a pass-through on 720p, only transcoding 3 lower bitrates, and a 16 core box is about 35% CPU. Not really something we can scale very well on a single piece of hardware. There's no way we can run a desktop OS to use hardware h.264 acceleration. I doubt you can run more than 4 of these on a single server, which means we'd need 6 of them, and that's way too much hardware for the budget (as of now - none...).

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