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Thread: Upgrade & tuning; Log files maintenance; Pause, rewind deleting of live cached files

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    Default Upgrade & tuning; Log files maintenance; Pause, rewind deleting of live cached files

    We have 2 instance of wowza media running on Linux servers.

    Server 1 (This server also predominantly hosts vod files for clients but also streams live broadcasts)
    - Intel Xeon Dual-Core 3040
    - 2GB Memory
    - 3ware 9650SE RAID Controller
    - 2x 1TB 7200rpm Hard Disk
    - RAID 1
    - CentOS 5.x

    Server 2 ( main streaming server.)
    - Intel Core i7 2600
    - 8GB Memory
    - Adaptec 2405 RAID Controller
    - 2x 160GB 7200rpm Hard Disk
    - RAID 1
    - CentOS 6 x64

    we are a small christian company providing mostly live but also on demand streaming for churches.

    We have developed a custom dashboard from which clients login and check their live broadcasts stats using piwik modules; create new stream names; edit stream names; change streaming servers using the edit function; upload vod files and display them on their vod players embeded on their websites; get player embed codes and more...
    we use jwplayer 5 as live broadcast player.

    clients use either FMLE or wirecast or tricaster box to do their live broadcasts.

    There are no problems at all with current setup and everything is working fine for last couple of months when last updates were done.
    I would require it to continue working fine after updates with no input.

    1. Upgrade to latest version of wowza and tuning to ensure servers are in optimal running condition.

    2. Delete Wowza log files and prevent no more than 2 weeks of files to be stored on the servers.

    3. Allow pause, rewind of live broadcasts. The stored files should not be longer than 1 hour. So if a live broadcast goes over an hour, it should maintain only 1 hour cache of live broadcast. When live broadcast ends the cached files associated to that client broadcast should be deleted.

    We are not cash rich due to the nature of clients we serve.
    So if the costs are high we may need to work in stages.
    I would like someone who would also provide advise and is most knowledgeable in the live and vod streaming area using wowza media as the dashboard was developed with wowza in mind and any further developments around it.
    If you are good in php coding that would be an advantage.

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    We totally understand your requirement and can fix these within your budget. Please send me a mail to discuss this further.

    Abdul Shajeer
    Skype: spark.shajeer

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