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Thread: Insert Ads Into Live Broadcast

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    I want to insert ads into broadcast tv channel.

    Advertising will be published first, and then the TV will continue to broadcast

    How do I make it


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    Wowza cannot meet this exact requirement at present: vod pre-roll before live across client types.

    You can do vod before live with Flash RTMP clients only, but it is not all serve-side. You need to listen for "NetStream.Play.Stop" notification in NetStream onStatus handler when playing the pre-roll then play the live stream.

    You can do intermittent insertion, like tv advertisement using the Stream class or the IPublishingProvider API. Here are some examples:
    How to do scheduled streaming with Stream class streams (server listener)
    How to dynamically control Stream class streams
    How to switch streams using Stream class streams
    How to use IPublishingProvider API to publish server-side live streams


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