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Thread: vlc streaming using wowza and amazonEC2

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    Default vlc streaming using wowza and amazonEC2

    I am using vlc and amazonEC2 with wowza license for video streaming.

    For testing purpose I created instance in amazonEC2 with wowza, i got below public DNS address

    I trying to stream a video from local machine to 5009 udp port of above address by the help of udp.

    In the vlc streaming wizard gui i given address as

    udp port as

    Active transcoding as

    And selected
    stream all elementry streams
    check box in vlc

    Now i trying to play streaming by using the help of vlc open network stream with following address


    video not playing, getting following error in vlc log as

    main error: socket bind error (Cannot assign requested address)
    access_udp error: cannot open socket
    main error: open of `udp://' failed: (null)

    When i try same procedure in local network its working properly, correct me where i doing wrong.


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    You are missing a step or two. Follow this VLC mpeg-ts Guide

    The above uses VLC command line, but you might be able to replace that with your settings in the VLC gui. Either way, you will then have to start the stream with the MediaCaster system following this MPEG-TS Guide


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