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Thread: How to play .mp3 file on demand using stream type live ?

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    Post How to play .mp3 file on demand using stream type live ?

    hi ,
    i have some problem that , i have use mediacacheAddon to stream multiple channel from another server it work successfully and play channel1 and channel2 just like a radio in action .i,e when wowza server started this channels start to play but when i want to play on demand .mp3 file store in 'content' folder by using the [[[[[ http://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/live/.../playlist.m3u8 ]]]]] on VLC it does not play on demand
    actually i want 2 activity on single application 'live'

    1st activity ---> i want to play stream i,e channel1 and channel2 just like radio effect ,i have use media cache add on for streaming .mp3 file from another server where wowza is not present and finally this activity has successfully done . no issue with them.
    2nd activity ---> i have also store .mp3 file on '/content' folder where wowza server running .

    i want second activity that is when wowza server running it play 1st activity successfully ,but i want second activity just like audio on demand and start to play .mp3 file from starting phase(i,e audio on demand).
    it is possible to play both this activity on same application ,if yes then how .?

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    To play a file on demand (starting from the beginning of the file), you will need to create an application setup for on demand streaming.
    How to set of an application for on demand content

    If you want a file to start playing at a specific time and when clients connect the stream has already started (like radio) you will need to use the stream scheduler.
    How to use the stream scheduler

    You can't have both a live stream and a on demand stream in the same application.

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    thanks, jason

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