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Thread: Problem with RTMP/shoutcast

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    Question Problem with RTMP/shoutcast

    Hi friends,
    I want to know if there is any way to prevent unauthorized users hang my RTMP protocol, I want only accept connections from the IP of the server, there are many users that are hung from the address: rtmp ://IP:1935/shoutcast
    I followed this tutorial, without success


    Do not understand how security works by token, so I think for now it is not a solution.
    I hope your help, thank you.
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    It sounds like you are ingesting from a shoutcast server and you are having a problem restricting other publishing events (by IP) on the server to that given application. If this is the case, when you setup the restrict by ip module, what problems did you experience? Have any logs associated with it?

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    Apparently everything is configured correctly, the problem is that anyone can hang my RTMP. eg
    And I want only my IP can connect from

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    I think that the hotlink denial module can help you.
    Please take a look at this article:


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