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Thread: SMIL file for cloudfront(wowza)+live+jw6

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    Testing cloudfront with SMIL... Any ideas on using adaptive bitrate live with the new cloudfront setup in wms 3.6? I tried using a smil file that looked like this:
    <meta base="http://[cloudfront-domain-name]/[application]/[appInstance]"/>
    <video src="test1/playlist.m3u8" system-bitrate="596000"/>
    <video src="test2/playlist.m3u8" system-bitrate="296000"/>
    <video src="test3/playlist.m3u8" system-bitrate="196000"/>
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    ahh well never mind. figured it out. Too late at night to be testing I guess. The proper formatting was to simply use http://[cloudfront-domain-name]/[application]/[appInstance]/smil:test.smil/playlist.m3u8

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    Thanks for the update.
    For users who are struggling with CloudFront you can find a troubleshooting guide below,
    How to troubleshoot your CloudFront configuration


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