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Thread: NVENC Encoding Limits

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    Default NVENC Encoding Limits

    I was about to order a Dell R720 to transcode around 60 1.5Mbps streams coming in, to be transrated realtime to 4 other bitrates.

    However, I just noticed this Note on the NVENC encoding page:

    Note: Currently, NVENC-based video encoding is limited to approximately 30 simultaneous encoding sessions. NVIDIA is working to address this limitation in a future driver update.

    Any insight into the details behind this and any timeline for them to update? Not sure when this was noticed or when it was posted. I did see that 3.6.3 is updated to NVENC SDK 3.0, so maybe this is resolved?


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    Hi Mike,

    NVidia are aware of the issue and are working on a fix for it. The fix will be available as a driver update. When we have details, we will post them on the NVENC info page.

    The limit is 30 sessions per process so you can run multiple instances of Wowza to get around it but this would incur extra licensing costs.


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