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Thread: FLV Records - JW Player no seek

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    Default FLV Records - JW Player no seek

    Hi dear Wowza Community,

    I have a problem with seeking the .flv recorded with Wowza.
    I start recording like:
    ILiveStreamRecord recorder = new LiveStreamRecorderFLV();

    the videos plays without problems but its not possible to seek. i use the latest jwplayer.

    do you have any idea what iam doing wrong?

    thank you for your help and time.

    best regards
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    I think you are going to need to open a support ticket for this.
    Delete [install-dir]/logs/wowzamediaserver_access.log and then restart Wowza and run a short test to reproduce this behavior. Then zip up your /log and /conf folders and send them along with a sample of the video file to


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