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Thread: Force Wowza to include PCM audio in HLS stream?

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    Default Force Wowza to include PCM audio in HLS stream?

    I'm restreaming an IP camera H.264 feed over RTSP to Wowza, and I'd like to have an audio-only version of this stream in HLS. However, the audio from the IP camera is PCM (Panasonic WV-SW174W), not AAC. Can I force Wowza to still include the PCM audio in HLS manifests? I don't know if PCM audio is "compatible" with iOS HLS, but I'd still like to use an audio-only HLS rendition in JW Player's HLS-in-Flash parser. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    The only way to do this would be to transcode the audio. HLS will not allow PCM audio so the only way to create an audio only rendition would be to audio only transcoding , example tutorial here

    Audio Only Transcoding


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