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Thread: Live streaming from multiple IP cameras

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    Default Live streaming from multiple IP cameras


    i have plans to implement an ip camera live streaming service, this will involve multiple Ip cameras feed to be presented to users across the web, is there a way wowza could be installed on the local servers / NVR for the site on site and can stream video only on authentication of the user. each site will have 10 -20 1080p cameras and we have to stream them live.


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    Yes, you can have multiple Wowza servers installed, one for each location, and then your authenticated users would connect to the appropriate Wowza server location based on the playback URL your client application will receive.
    Here is an useful article describing how to have Wowza connect to a RTSP IP camera:

    In order to implement an authentication system on each Wowza server would require some integration work done using custom Wowza modules, but it would be possible.


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