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Thread: how to have pass the username and password in playback for rtmp streamer

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    Default how to have pass the username and password in playback for rtmp streamer

    i am passing the username and password like this "rtmp://[wowza-ip]/live?username&password/streamname"
    but getting an error in jw player like this "Error loading stream :could not connect to server"
    but the same link is working in the "Livestudio" page found in the downloaded ""
    please help me ...


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    I suspect the / before streamname is confusing JW Player. You could try changing it to


    But you would would also need to change your code slightly to get the query parameter.


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    i tried this "rtmp://[wowza-ip]/live/streamname?username=x&password=y" but not working.
    can i get the player used in Livestudio

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    You might try the following to work with onConnect event handler:


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