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Thread: using Wowza vers 3.4.2 - m3u links not working

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    Default using Wowza vers 3.4.2 - m3u links not working

    Hi all -

    Trying to implement VOD with .m3u links for viewers.
    It worked in 3.03, but is not working in 3.4.2

    here is the link I am providing:

    Users report:
    video says cannot load error message
    mimetype not supported
    the operation could not be completed - on 1st gen devices

    any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Can you describe the stream settings?
    1: Video and Audio codec?
    2: Frame Rate
    3: Bitrate
    4: Keyframe interval(GOP length)

    For iOS devices, video should be H264, audio should be ACC. If mp3 then the settings should be 44100Hz, 128kbs.
    Profile should be set to "baseline". A GOP length of 2 seconds is recommended.

    You can look at this chart to see what frame size to use based on fps.


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    I am sorry, I made the assumption you were talking about iOS devices. Can you specify which client you are using for playback?


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    JW Player 5 or 6 I can use either one.

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    You can use JW Player 6 for HLS streaming to the desktop and HLS devices.


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