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Thread: Microsoft Surface RT and Live Streaming

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    Default Microsoft Surface RT and Live Streaming

    I've searched this forum and others for days now trying to find a way to stream LIVE web feeds to Microsoft Surface RT. No success. Microsoft has done away with the 'whitelist' of Flash sites so now any flash site should work. I am encoding and serving in windows, apple iOS, and Android (Flash) that all work fine. The Surface cannot play any of these streams. have added a new stream today, an MPEG4 and have played with it and the Flash stream for hours but still no luck. Has anybody successfully streamed LIVE to a Microsoft Surface RT yet? If so, would you share a little info to help me out? Thanks!

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    I have no issues using Windows 8.1 RT and OSMF as a flash player with RTMP... Not tried other configurations, though.

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