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Thread: play from first live event on RTSP

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    Question play from first live event on RTSP

    Hello Support team,

    I'm testing this feature on 3.6.4 and live streaming using RTSP protocol.
    My question is how to play from the start point even live feed has already been started.
    For example, Soccer live feeding has started 5:00.00 PM, then RTSP client connected 5:00.10 PM.
    So there is some time shift 10sec, but client has to watch from the start.
    Can you tell me what protocols do support this feature?
    If HTTP, RTMP suport this featuer,but RTSP does not, then please clarify this issue with each protocols case.

    Sh Shin.

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    Hello Sh Shin,

    The best solution would be to implement the nDVR AddOn. DVR will record your stream, real time, providing the client the ability to "time-shift" to an earlier point in the stream, which is recorded on the server. It is also possible to programmatically use the DVR Playlist API to start the player at the beginning of the DVR recording. For more information see these resources:

    How to use Wowza nDVR Playlist Request API
    How to set up and run Wowza nDVR for live streaming

    The nDVR AddOn is not supported by RTSP. DVR requires an HTTP playback protocol (more detail is described in the articles provided).


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    Thank you Tim.

    I have one more question.
    Following your answer, DVR requires an HTTP playback protocol.
    The nDVR AddOn Is not supported also by RTMP, isn't it?

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    Correct, the supported playback protocols are listed here.

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