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Thread: Recording scheduled with EPG xml file

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    Default Recording scheduled with EPG xml file

    Is it possible to make a stream record scheduled with EPG xml file?
    For example:

    <program id="431915" startTime="27.02.2014 20:00:00" stopTime="27.02.2014 20:29:00" title="Lunapark">79714022750694602.mp4</program>
    <program id="431916" startTime="27.02.2014 20:30:00" stopTime="27.02.2014 20:59:00" title="Kwanon 23">79714022758603002.mp4</program>
    <program id="431917" startTime="27.02.2014 21:00:00" stopTime="27.02.2014 21:29:00" title="North by North West">79714022785732602.mp4</program>
    <program id="431918" startTime="27.02.2014 21:30:00" stopTime="27.02.2014 21:59:00" title="Bug's Life">79714022725684002.mp4</program>

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    There is no built-in support for this format in Wowza. You could however build a custom module or server listener that can parse the XML file and then use the LiveStreamRecord API to record the streams.


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