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    i have a general Question how the Wowza Server workflow is at all.
    What i want to do is i have several RTP Encoders and generating SDP Files, which i put into the Content Folder of the Wowza Server.
    Do i need to generate now for each Stream an Application e.g. Signal01 , Signal02, Signal03 ... or can i just generate one Applicastion e.g. Live.
    I also want to activate nDVR for the Live streaming.
    So right now i am generating for each Stream one Application but when i think i need to generate it for 100 Streams is much work to do, thats why i ask.

    Thanks in advance for some help.

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    You can utilize a single application to house multiple streams and setup nDVR within it.

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    Hi i am still strugelling with the Appolcations.
    Right now i have setup a 3 Channel Demo System and i generate a Live Application Named "Signal01" in the Content directory i have got 3 .sdp files h264-1.sdp, h264-2.sdp and h.264-3.sdp.
    I want now run all files over tihs Applicastion and add all 3 .sdp files under Server in the Startup Streams.
    When i now take a look in the Application under Incoming Streams i can see the h264-1.sdp is active but no other streams. if i check now the Application - Stream Files and try to say connect to this stream i get an error message?
    "Could not find or open Stream File h264-2.sdp for application Signal01"
    Or do i need to generate also a Applicastoin Signal02 and Signal03 and connect each .sdp file with itīs own Application?

    Hope somebody could help me.

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    If all 3 .sdp files are in place, you can add them all to StartUpStreams to start on the same application. Streams in StartUpStreams start when Wowza is re-started. Did you re-start Wowza? If you did, look at the access log, find the most recent startup lines, then look at the publish events that follow for each of these streams. You should see a publish event (log column x-event) for each stream followed by info about the success or failure of each stream


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