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Thread: Transcoded stream to Android via RTSP AND Adaptive Bitrate to Others?

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    Default Transcoded stream to Android via RTSP AND Adaptive Bitrate to Others?

    Hello - I've search the forums and cannot find exactly what I am looking for...

    I would like to bring in an MPEG4 stream from an older Axis camera, transcode it to H.264, and deliver to Android devices via RTSP and IOS/PCs via Adaptive Bitrate streams.

    I've been able to successfully configure and stream either/or but not both.

    I am new to the Wowza Streaming Engine and working through the 180 day eval to see if I can get it to work for our applications.

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    Hi there, can you explain what issue you are having exactly?
    One thing to note is Adaptive Bitrate streaming is not supported over RTSP.


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    I create a new application named trans. I create a stream file name for the camera - rtsp://userassword@IP/img/h264media.sav. I enable the Transcoder AddOn. I copy the Transcode template to a template named tcode. In the new template I delete all encodes except 160p and 360p and disable audio in both and delete all the Stream Name Groups. I enable "Match incoming stream name to template name" and "tcode" as my Fallback Template in the Transcoder settings. I can play via RTSP using rtsp://IP:1935/trans/cam1.stream_360p.
    In my tcode template, I create a Stream Name Group called mbit (mp4:${SourceStreamName}_mbit) with both the 160p and 360p encodes in it. When going to the Adobe HDS test player and using http://IP:1935/trans/ngrp:cam1.stream_mbit/manifest.f4m for the URL I get "The F4M document contains errors URL missing from Media tag"

    OK, forget it :-) I performed a fresh installation of the server so I could go through and document my steps. THe error above was from the Transcoder being disabled after making a change to it (I forgot to change Fallback Template to tcode).

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