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Thread: Multiple IMediaStreamActionNotify3 listeners

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    Default Multiple IMediaStreamActionNotify3 listeners


    In my application I have 2 modules A and B which both implementing IMediaStreamActionNotify3 and are attached to listen various events through onStreamCreate method (exactly as it was described many times in this forum).
    Each implementation of IMediaStreamActionNotify3 in A and B has it's own logic for onPublish event.
    I didn't find in the documentation how the publish event is propagated through multiple listeners which may listen the same event.
    Does Wowza guarantees some order of firing A.onPublish A after/before B.onPublish

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    In general, the order by which event handlers are invoked will coincide with the order they are defined within the Configuration <Modules> section.
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