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Thread: Wowza + RTSP chinese camera

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    Default Wowza + RTSP chinese camera

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to re-stream unnamed RTSP camera using Wowza.
    As I see in Wowza web manager, Wowza connects to the RTSP stream successfully but doesn't play anything in the test player.

    VLC plays this stream ok but there is a strange thing. IP camera broadcasts two video tracks in one stream. This is the problem, I think.

    How to define the right video track in Wowza?
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    You could try one of the properties from the Troubleshooting section of the IP camera article here.
    You can add those properties in the Stream Files/Properties section in the Manager.


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    You are showing the VLC Codec Info screen, and what you are seeing might be the same video track but shown twice because VLC is failing over to TCP. Is there about a 10 second delay before playback begins? If so, then UDP ports are blocked between VLC and the source.


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