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Thread: Live Encoder Stream handled differently based on startup order

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    Smile Live Encoder Stream handled differently based on startup order

    I am running the current latest release 4.0.1 on a local instance. I am using a Visionary Solutions AVN44X Encoder to send a UDP-TS to the Wowza Streaming Engine, and then I am using a VLC client on another PC on the local network to view the Stream through WME using either RTMP or HLS. When the encoder is already up and running when Wowza starts (either the whole service, the application, or the specific stream) everything works just fine. If I stop the stream from the encoder while Wowza is still publishing the stream, it will time out on the Wowza side as expected, then when the Encoder starts again (even with no parameter changes to the underlying stream) It is not recognized properly by Wowza, the AAC-LC audio is detected according to the console log, but no audio frames are accepted and VLC reports undf audio codec. The Video also seems to have some issues in this state. I can keep the Encoder running and unpublish and re-publish the stream from the Wowza Management GUI and then everything is fixed.

    I run the same experiment using an older AVN420 Encoder and the problem is no-where to be found. Both encoders are sending h264 video and aac-lc audio (with adts) over a Constant Bit-rate Transport Stream. I can provide PAT, PMT, or any other information that might be useful to help determine why one encoder does not work like the other using WSE...


    More Information:

    There appears to be a work-around for this issue that is now working in my setup.
    (1) Access the Application via the Wowza Management GUI
    (2) Select the modules Tab, then add a Module (ModuleMediaCasterStreamMonitorAdvanced, ModuleMediaCasterStreamMonitorAdvanced, com.wowza.wms.ModuleMediaCasterStreamMonitorAdvanced)
    (3) Edit the Application Properties and enable avSyncToleranceEnable
    (4) Save the Changes and restart the Application or the Wowza Engine

    now when the Live Encoder stops streaming to change parameters (or for any other reason) it should be detected properly again on a restart without having to manually restart the stream from the Wowza side...

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    Thanks for updating the post. Glad you found the Advanced Monitor and that it is working for you.


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