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    Default Wowza plugin for Eclipse

    It doesn't look like you guys are going to maintain it, the page on installation still references a JAR for wowza media server 3 and lower. If you're not going to rebuild it, can you pass it on for others (I'll be happy to do it) to maintain and update? As it is, the one available on your site doesn't work and is misleading and confusing. It would be great to get a new plugin for Eclipse so as to not have to keep setting the build path manually.


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    Hi Graeme,

    I have been installing Eclipse and the Wowza IDE software update on various systems recently. The only thing I have had to add for Wowza 4 is this line to the debug config VM arguments:
    I think the build path on a new project in Mac was blank and needed to be set. I didn't have this problem in Windows.


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    On my mac I don't have that issue as I don't run wowza from eclipse, although I may go and have a check. I'm talking about the default build path:

    I assumed those variables were set in the plugin. In this case, the library no longer lives in wowzamediaserver, but now lives in wowzastreamingengine. Is that not the case and I can change that somewhere?

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    Hi Graeme,

    If you set the Wowza Media Server Location to point to your Wowza Streaming Engine installation (/Library/WowzaStreamingEngine) then the correct libs and build.xml should be configured.

    The reason you are seeing /Library/WowzaMediaServer is that you probably still have a version of that installed.

    You are correct in that the default values are hard coded in the plugin and it hasn't had WowzaStreamingEngine added yet. The dev team are aware of this and will try to get it updated as soon as they can get to it.

    For your existing projects, you will have to update the build.xml and referenced libraries manually.


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    Ok. Thanks for the response Roger.

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