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Thread: 20K+ Users for Live

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    Hey, we have a big event coming up, last year we clocked in at around 10K users, thats where we where limited by our CDN.

    Now, we feel that we want to go a different Route for this years Event, namely setting up our own server so we installed Wowza on a local test server, and its just awesome!

    So now our problem, we cannot find a Hoster that will give us the bandwidth we need, since its only for about 8 or so Hours, we cant really test beforehand. Amazon WS is not going to work because they do not provide us with any bandwidth information.

    we need min. 2GIGABYTE a second ... (so best would be around 20Gbit/s)

    Server Location has to be Europe(Germany would be the best)

    I guess, we have to somehow get a load balancing system going, using 1 Origin server and a whole bunch of others? thats probably overkill for a 1 day event... is there any other solution, other than paying a huge amount of money to a CDN?

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    Hi there, please see the Wowza Partners page to find hosting for your event:
    Wowza Partners


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