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Thread: Intergrating Video Ads with Live streaming

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    I'm planning to add video ads to my live streming adptive bitrate content. How to integrate video ads in the live ABR streaming ? What are all the methods we can follow to achieve this and what are the limiations in the displaying ads in the PC, Android and iOS devices ?

    Also is it possbile to integrate Wowza streaming server with an AdServer, (let say openx server or any ad server ) to manage all the ads in the ad server itself without distubring wowza server.

    Please guide me and also correct me if my logic is wrong.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Sorry for the late reply. There are a couple of ways to insert ads in Wowza, depending on whether live or vod and what playback client types, but there is a matrix of limitations, and ABR would complicate the solution, and the solution would probably complicate ABR. The best direction is a 3rd party Ad service, as you mentioned. There is no specific integration with any ad service that I know of, but probably would not need to involve Wowza.


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    FYI compare

    Ad handling is more related to the video player technolgy on client side.
    We also used the Wowza quick tutorials to insert a preroll clip directly on server side in the past, but you get better if you use the standardized technologies like VAST/VPAID etc.


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