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Thread: Best practise for 25 channels

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    Default Best practise for 25 channels

    I will deploy a private streaming solutions on top of amazon AWS and my concern are :

    1) should every channel have thier own applications folder and customized log4j logs ?
    2) 25 encoders will PUSH RTMP to STREAMER server, should CDN edge PULL from STREAMER or STREAMER PUSH to EDGE
    3) PUSH vs PULL method, which one reccomended ( PUSH via mediacache )
    4) The best log reporting for wowza ? Currently I use custom log4j and use icrontab to insert the generated log files into MySQL

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    Hi, Azril,

    1) It is an option, depending on your needs. It is easier to sort out usage per customer if they have their own logs. It does not help performance. Avoid making multiple VHosts because it complicates tuning and separating by application is all that is usually necessary for this kind of service.

    2) You can use the PushPublish features to push an RTMP stream to the CDN, which they can distribute as RTMP and other protocols depending on their offering. Or you can set up Wowza as an HTTP caching origin, in which case the CDN pulls HTTP chunks that Wowza produces that are then distributed in their network for playback by HTTP clients. RTMP playback clients are not supported when using HTTP origin.

    3) In live streaming with Wowza, you must pull MediaCaster streams, such as IP cameras and mpeg-ts encoders which publish to a rtsp or udp endpoint and are not aware of Wowza. Live RTMP encoders push streams to Wowza, they publish directly to a Wowza ip-address/app-name. So there is not a choice, you have to use what is appropriate.

    4) Sawmill has a Wowza module that might be useful, but parsing logs into a database gives you a lot of flexibility.


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