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Thread: How to generate SMIL files on live-edge server.

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    Question How to generate SMIL files on live-edge server.


    How to build SMIL files from transcoder on live edge?

    I've read this tutorial but still I have questions.

    I need dynamically build smil file per all streams.
    Assume streams could be added/removed on the fly

    Any help, appreciated

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    Take a look at this article which shows how create a MediaList dynamically


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    I read this example, but it also has some problems.

    All data is hard coded and you need to recompile every time you change your transcoder template.

    Assume we have transcoder template t1 with some data d1, we change our data to d2.
    At this case you need to recompile your code.
    So this solution is not flexible.


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    The example is very basic, and really just shows example output, how the MediaList requests are intercepted and how to build a MediaList programmatically. You would have to add the resource connections and logic necessary to know when data has changed and what should be done. You might add a JDBC connection, for example, to query a database.


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