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Thread: How to migrate the log files mediaserver V3.1 to streaming engine V4.01

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    Lightbulb How to migrate the log files mediaserver V3.1 to streaming engine V4.01


    How to copy the log files from older version to newer version.
    since the file name is different from the media and stream engine.
    we need to copy all the log files from the newer one, we have a log for last two year to the preserve.

    is that work with the newest version?


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    As you know the log file names have changed when migrating from version 3 to version 4. It is recommended to start clean with new log files when doing the update. The file in [install-dir]/conf define the log layout and file names, but we do not recommend that this is changed.


    Wowza Media Systems Support

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    If i will back up the log file and restore it in wowza streaming engine means it is affected for any other log files?
    The older log files and newer log files is work with sawmill log analyzer at the same time?


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    Hi again

    You should be able to configure Sawmill to analyze the Wowza 3.x log files as well as the Wowza 4.x log files. The file names will be different so you will need to reflect that within your Sawmill configuration.

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