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Thread: Audio out of sync in live recordings after upgarding to Wowza Streaming Engine

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    Default Audio out of sync in live recordings after upgrading to Wowza Streaming Engine

    Hi everyone,
    I'm experiencing an out of sync audio issue with live recordings after upgrading to Wowza Streaming Engine (I recently applied 4.0.3 patch and the issue persists).

    - Streaming Engine is on the same box where previous version of Wowza Media Server was.
    - Encoding box is exactly the same as before (FLME 3.2).
    - Live application settings were rebuilt and not moved from previous setup.
    - Network performance didn't change.

    Can anyone advice?

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    Can you please provide your encoder settings?
    Also, do you see anything in the logs to indicate what the problem may be? You can start Wowza in stand-alone mode /bin/startup.bat (or and view the output in the console.


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    Thanks Salvadore,
    this is a production machine, so I have to wait for the next live programme from my client.

    I'll collect encoder settings, but let me just say that live streaming is working perfectly (no out of sync) and that live recordings were ok before upgrading to WSE 4, with exactly the same settings on the encoder (actually my client isn't even aware of the upgrade, and I never told him to change settings).
    I'll post again when done.

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    Okay, let us know what you find out. Also take a look at these guides:
    How to troubleshoot live streaming

    And here is way to debug the alignment coming from the encoder:
    How to debug AAC or MP3 timecode issues with cupertino packetization


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