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Thread: Need RTMP url for desktop and mobile devices...

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    Default Need RTMP url for desktop and mobile devices...

    Hi All,


    I am facing issue with rtmp URLs of viode on my site. I have used jwplayer on my site. When I check videos in iPhone then it works fine but on desktop devices it show me error shown in mentioned URL

    I have used below mentioned code snippet:

    autoplay : "true",
    sources: [{
    file: "rtmp://[ip-address]/v/mp4:/movies/trailer/the-great-debaters-trailer.mp4"
    file: "/movies/trailer/the-great-debaters-trailer.mp4"
    controlbar: "bottom",
    primary: "html5",
    image: "",
    width: "670",
    height: "376"

    Any one can guide me why I am facing this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try a URL like this:

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    Hi Salvadore,

    Thanks for your kind response.

    I have tried to apply suggested URL. Please have a below mentioned live site URL:

    At mentioned URL we are facing issue this URL is working fine on iPhone but not working desktop devices and android devices.

    Could you please advice how we can fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you mean it works on the desktop but not on the IPhone? Because your JW Player setup is configured to play RTMP (the first file:) or progressive download (the second file:), which should be no problem on the desktop, and should fallback to the progressive download on devices, but that is probably not what you want, progressive download is not streaming. Take a look at the JW Player 6 examples in this article, which show how to do RTMP and HLS streaming.

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