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Thread: Problem with Using Wowza to Publish MPEG-TS IP Stream Source

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    Unhappy Problem with Using Wowza to Publish MPEG-TS IP Stream Source


    I have a problem with my setup, can't find where the mistake is.

    My goal is to publish a MPEG-TS source channel to ABR format for HLS enabled devices.

    I'm running the latest trial version of WSE, My setup consists of Anevia Flamingo DVB/IP Gateway, providing multicast Streams (TV Channels) over UDP,
    1- The source MPEG-TS carries MPEG2 Video and MPEG2 the address form of : udp://239.4.112.x:5500,
    2- on the wowza server the stream is reachable and i can view it on VLC.
    3- I have followed the guide : ,
    4- i have gone after step by step, then trying the " Test Players", no output and the message says : Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied .
    5- Went to the Incoming Streams where i can find the option to record the stream, then inspecting the recorded file i could find that only audio is there, no video is recorded !

    I'm not able to figure out where the problem is, since it seems that the server is able to catch the stream audio, but not video !

    Your advise and support would be highly appreciated.


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    Hi Mootaz,

    Wowza does not support MPEG2 video. It has to be h.264. You can use the Wowza Transcoder to transcode MPEG2 to h.264


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