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Thread: Live Stream via VOD static files and player events

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    Default Live Stream via VOD static files and player events


    I have a stream set up using the stream schedule.smil example on this site. Everything is working fantastically except for two things:

    1 - Wowza refuses to recognize the server time as the time. It only uses GMT as the time zone for the server. Is there an option to configure a time zone change in a config file? I haven't been able to find it through searches.

    2 - what does your boss always want? Monetization. We currently have this covered by VAST ads before our actual VOD content. We also have a 24/7 live stream as created with the static VOD files into streamschedule.smil. Is there a event that is triggered when a video stops playing (end of video file) that I can utilize in creating a module that would send the VAST request?

    Example: we have video A, video B, and video C. They are in the streamschedule.smil file in order. I want to be able to track the event when video B stops playing so I can send the player information to pull another vast ad, once that ad is done, load and play video C.


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    As far as I know, Wowza uses the system time and locale.

    You can use IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onUnpublish() to detect when a live stream is stopped.

    You might take a look the Loop Until Live example as a starting place. Source code is included in the Module Collection.


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