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Thread: Multi cam live GoCoder > encoder > wowza broadcast?

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    Default Multi cam live GoCoder > encoder > wowza broadcast?

    Does anyone know of an intermediary software layer that could be used to mix and switch the output from multiple GoCoder instances to a single rtmp stream to be sent to a wowza? Preferably something that could take audio from a separate microphone input as well? Idea is to use GoCoder on IOS on a LAN to stream live concerts and be able to have someone mix the video output from the GoCoders and the audio from the mixing board to a single live stream that is sent to a Wowza.


    - Joel

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    This is a great question. Wirecast from Telestream has the ability, using their PRO edition, to stream an incoming "Web Stream." I just test a workflow sending a stream from GoCoder to Wowza and in turn, pulling that stream, via RTSP, into Wirecast where I was able to take advantage of the rich graphic video mixing capability. I simply published the output from Wirecast, back up to Wowza for distribution. Very cool. I did notice a very small latency. Also, you will need to be sure that latency between streams, originating from different devices running GoCoder, does not effect production quality - there's no way to align the streams.


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