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Thread: Transcoder is speeding up my video

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    Question Transcoder is speeding up my video

    When running a 720p30 video (2Mbps) into the stream class scheduler, the native video is fine, but when I run that virtual stream through the transcoder to get out 1100K and 600K, both transcoded streams are sped up about 20%. Any idea what could be causing this?

    --Baffled in Kansas

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    Hi Ian,
    It's possible that the frame rate of the source isn't being picked up properly and therefore transcoding is happening with an incorrect value?
    You'd need to check the logs to see what frame rate is being picked up for the source.
    Some of the LivePacketizerCupertino lines show the recognized frame rate, even for a stream class stream.


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    Is there a way to force framerates on the decode/encode portions of the transcode profile?

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    If it frame rate is missing in the source streams metadata, you can fix that following this guide


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