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Thread: How to stop wowza streaming engine.

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    Default How to stop wowza streaming engine.

    hey i started using wowza streaming engine 4.0 . i also did couple of live streaming events using wowza streaming engine.
    now i want to know how can i stop my wowza streaming engine 4.0. is there any stop button available on the server .
    i know to go in lib and stop. Also my application has set a module created by me . i have set modeled properties in my application.
    Now even after deleting my application i cannot delete my jar from lib folder.

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    The only way I know of to completely shut down Wowza is /bin/|bat

    You can shut down the Virtual Host under Server/Virtual Host Setup in the UI, and hit the "stop" button. Not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for.


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    Now i can shut down the Virtual Host under Server/Virtual Host but unable to delete jar files which i dont want from the lib folder

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    I think you will need to use /bin/shutdown(.sh/.bat) as Wowza is still running after shutting down the virtual host in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.


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