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Thread: log4j wowza 3.6

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    Default log4j wowza 3.6

    Hi everybody and thanks in advance,

    I'm trying to collect all wowza logs for any vhosts and then send to a single file or stdout and read it
    We have four servers to distribute the load, so, we collect these logs in the four servers.
    There is any way ( to include inside these logs the physical hostname??

    Thanks in advance

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    You can utilize our ILogNotify interface and handle the onLog event to add more information to the given log messages (grab the hostname and add it this way).

    public void onLog(Level level, String comment, IMediaStream stream,
    			String category, String event, int status, String context);

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    thanks for the answer matt_y,

    unfortunately i haven't know about java.
    there are not any different way??

    thanks in advance

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    You could open each log file in Excel, add a column to identify the server in each file, then combine them.


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