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Thread: Single stream to multiple applications & vMix

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    Default Single stream to multiple applications & vMix

    There are a couple of cases that have come up where I need to send a stream to both my low-latency live application as well as a live-repeater application. It seems a waste for me to create two independent streams when they're going to the same Wowza server. Is there anyway to route a single stream to multiple Wowza applications? I am still using Wowza 3.6 and haven't jumped into the 4.x release yet, so forgive me if the option is in plain sight in the new version.

    Another question, somewhat related, is that I'm looking to migrate my workflow from Wirecast to vMix. I notice that vMix is not listed as a supported partner. Are there known outstanding issues between the vMix and Wowza? I realize that they may not be listed because they haven't opted in, but just wondering if someone has had a bad experience mixing the two.


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    If you are using a .stream file you can use Stream Manager ([wowza-ip]:8086/streammanager) to start the stream for both applications. Other then that I do not know of any way to send a single stream to multiple applications.
    Take a look at this forum post to see if you can glean any information that helps you:
    One input stream to two outputs


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    Oooooh, I like that StreamManager option and thanks a lot for sending me that thread. Do you know if the use of Streammanager in this way be automated? So anything going to a certain stream name is automatically picked up and replicated to a new stream name?

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    You can monitor the content folder and watch for new .stream or .sdp files to be added to the folder:
    How to monitor content folder for .sdp and .stream files to start publishing streams (ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor)

    If you are asking if you can change the source of a .stream file that is already published via StreamManager, you will need to restart the application and re-publish the stream for the update to take effect.


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