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Thread: SMIL URL for adaptive streaming not working from an iPAD

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    Default SMIL URL for adaptive streaming not working from an iPAD

    I use the following URL:

    This works great on Chrome, IE, FF and Safari.

    From an iPAD it does not work.

    Is the URL correct? I have seen examples using manifest.m3u8 and playlist.m3u8
    What is the correct one to use, ideally it should work on all major browsers and iOS and Andriod.


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    Have you tried it with /playlist.m3u8? That is what iOS devices use.


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    The IPad will be connecting to the Wowza server remotely so you need to use the wowza server's ip address instead of localhost in the url.

    manifest.m3u8 is a valid url extension in Wowza although all of the documentation suggests to use playlist.m3u8 instead.


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    Thanks Roger and Salvadore - manifest.m3u8 and playlist.m3u8 work. Our problem turned out to be related to signing of URL's, unrelated to Wowza.

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    Awesome, thanks for the update and glad you got this sorted.


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