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Thread: Wowza == DRM == Amazon AWS

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    Lightbulb Wowza == DRM == Amazon AWS

    I need some help with connecting Wowza == DRM == Amazon AWS for an online streaming website on PC. Some thing like Netflix on-demand movie streaming.

    Is there any documentation for these steps?

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    Hi Mathew,

    Have you selected a particular DRM solution? If not, be sure to have a look at the Wowza DRM AddOn overview, which offers a starting point where you can find useful information about the various DRM integration options with Wowza Streaming Engine.


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    I am planning to use EZDRM PlayReady DRM.

    Main thing i want to know is, how to connect Wowza with Amazon AWS and use this solution on my website for playing a movie?

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    Here is the Amazon EC2 quick start guide:
    Wowza Streaming Engine for Amazon EC2 Quick Start Guide

    And here is a list of pre-built AMIs:
    Pre-built AMIs (Amazon Machine Images)


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