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Thread: Library loads; does not init

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    Default Library loads; does not init


    I have followed the article for configuring the transcoder addon (Wowza SE 4.0.3, Solaris, 64bit). Without the transcoder running, I can see and hear the stream fine. When I enable the transcoder in the application, no stream will play. I am using the default template with the "Match incoming stream name to template" unchecked. using the URLs for each individual TransRate (e.g.: mp4:STREAMNAME_360p), in the test playter, I get "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied."

    The access log shows the transcoder library loading, but there is no init entry. If I use the ngrp:*_all URL, the error log shows "MediaList is empty".

    All of the path names to the template directory are correct in the Application.xml.

    What can I try now?

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    Can you show us your corresponding access logging for this test? It may be easier to send a zip file of your conf/ and logs/ directories to for further review.

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