I am attempting to upgrade from Wowza 3 to 4 with mixed success. We have some custom notification code that is installed in the httplistener that is necessary for our application to function properly - basically one part of our system activates a video source that streams to wowza, and then wowza (and the hooks we have installed there) detect this and notify our video player of the availability of the stream.

Our wowza customaization works with wowza 3, but not with wowza 4. In my testing, wowza is clearly receiving the stream from our video source, and is even making it available for a video player. However the notification hooks are not being called, so the only way I can see the video stream is by looking in our application logs to find our generated token URL and sending that to the video player (VLC in my case).

A little more specifically, in our application instance listener class (implements IApplicationInstanceNotify) we instantiate a media stream action notifier (implements IMediaStreamNotify). The application instance gets created, and thus the media stream action notifier is also created and added to the application instance. However, the media stream notifier's onMediaStreamCreate method never gets called.

We're using rtsp if that matters.