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Thread: Live transcoding does not work.

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    Angry Live transcoding does not work.

    I'm evaluating Wowza for our company. I have installed the trial on both an Ubuntu VM and a Windows 7 VM. In both cases, I am unable to run a live stream via the test player or remotely via VNC. Streaming existing content seems to be working fine though. Does anybody have any ideas what is going on here? Each time I try to play using the test player I get the following error message: "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied."

    The logs do not show any errors. The access log shows that a player requested content and a 200 status code was sent back.

    On the windows 7 platform, I have each of the 4 releases of .net installed. On ubuntu, I have all the libav packages installed.

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    If possible, please share the related logging in context (that demonstrates the publish attempt, transcoding etc).

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