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Thread: JSON format of PushPublishMap

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    Default JSON format of PushPublishMap

    I'm a little unclear on something in the documentation, which states:

    The PushPublishMap.txt file now supports quotation (") marks around the keys and value strings, in compliance with the JSON specification. Older files without quotation marks will continue to work for a limited time. Update your files as you edit them to retain compatibility with future versions of Push Publishing.

    But the examples don't use quotation marks around keys (not in the documentation, nor in the sample file shipped with WSE 4).

    If I understand this correctly, instead of this:

    {profile:"rtmp", streamName:"myStream", host:""}

    I should be doing this:

    {"profile":"rtmp", "streamName":"myStream", "host":""}


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    I think the 2nd one should work, where both the keys and values are quoted. The first one might work but it might not. I would be consistent, quote keys and values or don't quote either.


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