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Thread: How to start first iptv project need help please

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    Default How to start first iptv project need help please

    Hi i have been reading for weeks now and do not seem to be getting any were, I could use some help if possible, at the moment I would like to get just one of my streams working.

    I have a pc running server 2012 r2 the pc has a quad tv tuner to receive channels from my dish
    I use mediaportal software to receive the channels I then record the live channels to the content folder of wowza, mediaportal can only record the channels in mpeg-2 ts format (IS this a bad format for iptv streaming?)
    I am running wowza trial will go to the paid version if i can get things working.

    I have another machine on my network running beesmart and a motorola set top box for beesmart middle ware.
    I will only be providing this service over a local lan to my clients.

    So if some one could help - how can i get this to work do I need more software?
    trying to get my channels from my dish to go through my equipment to the end user with the motorola.
    I was told wowza can ingest ts but that confused me even more should i be even trying to do this?
    Sorry for all the questions I just really would like to get one stream working the correct way then i can start reading some more

    Thanks for any help
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    A few possibilities. Firstly you want to make your VOD assets compatible with Wowza. This means encoding or transcoding your MPEG2 files to H.264. You can do this on the fly using the transcoding capabilities of various players such as VLC or ffmpeg. This can then be published into a Live Wowza application.

    Another option is to permanently encode your MPEG2 files to H.264. This can be as simple as running something like the following (if you have ffmpeg command line tools installed):

     ffmpeg -i source.ts -vcodec h264 destination.mp4
    This way you can then play these files within a Wowza VOD application which gives you more control over scheduling of content etc.

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