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Thread: Solution for flash recorder to record AAC audio mp4 file

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    Unhappy Solution for flash recorder to record AAC audio mp4 file

    Usage Background: Flash recorder to record video and audio (Speex 9) and save it .mp4 format

    Problem: No audio mp4 files. Flash recorder record video with Speex audio encoded, and we need play or import in Final Cut Pro to further editing.

    We configure the application to use Transcoder Add ons to produce AAC format video file, it did produce correct file with AAC audio but only when "Record all incoming streams” option enabled in Application config.
    But If we enable "Record all incoming streams”, our flash player won’t play video anymore.

    We need you guys help, which part we did wrong?
    Please help!
    Many Thanks.

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    I see you also have several support tickets about this.
    Please please use forums or email tickets, don't do both for the same issue, it's the same crew that replies.
    See reply to ticket 91171 regarding this issue.


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