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Thread: Server not running

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    Default Server not running

    I have what seems everything installed properly and able to play a VOD via:

    but it does not seem to be streaming as the movie plays like it is a direct link (many pauses waiting for media to catch up, no preloading or downgrading to a lesser quality).

    In reviewing the Manager it notes that the application is not running. I've restarted as well as double checked the Service which is running.

    What else should I check as it looked like everything was configured properly but now it looks like there is no benefit over a direct link?

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    Hello Steve,

    When doing streaming there is limited pre-load. The video is getting loaded in the player buffer. I think that the pre-loading that you are talking about is related to progressive download, which is not a feature supported by Wowza.

    In order to avoid the pre-loading (buffering) behavior you are experiencing, you need to make sure your content bitrate is one supported by the client internet availability.

    You can implement adaptive bitrate streaming by following the instructions provided in the following forum tutorial: How to do adaptive bitrate streaming

    As a remark, you will need to have your VOD assets already encoded into different versions of the same file, each version of the file being encoded using different bitrate values. Also, you need to make sure that all different versions of the same video clip are properly key-frame aligned in order to have a proper adaptive bitrate streaming implementation.


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