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Thread: Video Freezes after 4 seek call with Streamlock enabled (RTMPS Streaming)

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    Did you ever find a fix for this. I'm using jPlayer and having the same issue with streaming audio. 4 seeks and it freezes. Appreciate if you would help if you did find a fix.


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    Ignore the last message, I managed to fix it with the fix below.

    Quote Originally Posted by rrlanham View Post
    What player are you using? It is recommended to set the NetStream.proxyType to "best", (the default is "none"), but this is not configurable in some players. When NetStream.proxyType is set to default "none" RTMPS is actually handled as RTMPTS (tunnelling), which is probably why you are seeing less stable streaming.

    At present this NetStream.proxyType is not configurable in JW Player but it is supported in Flowplayer. We think the next point release of JW Player will add this feature.


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    Thanks for updating this thread and posting a solution. Glad to hear you sorted this out.



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